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Top Ten Reasons to have Live Jazz Music at your Wedding



10. You'll like it, and so will your Grandma

9. It's Classy

8. Dancing Cheek to Cheek

7. Not as expensive as you might think

6. It won't be too loud to overhear the best man hitting on your bridesmaids

5. Cole Porter

4. The band won't show up in Seattle grunge clothing or Spandex

3. There'll be no annoying D.J. insisting that everyone do the hokey pokey

2. Jazz goes with every setting 


and the number one reason to have live jazz at your wedding...


1. Live music will keep your relatives from asking to sing Karaoke!



From Blues to Cool Jazz, Hot Jazz to Big Band Swing, it' all here.


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Last modified: 01/11/2005