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4/30/04 -- Deborah has been singing her whole life. Her love of music has lead her many places, to study voice at the University of Colorado at Boulder, to do Musical Theatre in Denver, Littleton and Longmont. She has toured the state with performing choirs, joined ill-fated Boulder rock bands and has finally come back to where she should have been all along, performing the classic jazz and swing she has always loved. She was intrigued early in life by the music of Ella Fitzgerald and the Big Bands, but didn't think it would lead to much. " My dad had an album with Ella singing 'Midnight Sun' on it, I was mesmerized, but the Big Band Jazz era was over, I never thought I would get to sing this music."  She has now been performing Big Band Swing for the past 16 years, with the Boulder Big Band and Flatirons Jazz Orchestra.

From these came The Deborah Stafford Quartet. It has provided Deborah with a chance to explore some Torchier  songs and to get into the Blues along with her regular repertoire. Of course, she can still be-bop with the best. Jazz, hot or cool seems to have been in her blood from the start. In an explosion of talent, she has expanded her swing, jazz and blues repertoire as fast as she has expanded her vocal jazz prowess. Even the picky agree she has the perfect sort of voice for big band and jazz music. Not too high, clear, smooth, sultry on the right songs, playful on others. It may remind you of some of the great women of Jazz. Her recent quartet work has been with some of the best players in the Denver-Boulder area. Whether it's playing great Denver jazz clubs like Sambuca,  Jazz Brunch at the Redfish in Boulder, weddings at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, or any of a myriad of other shows, Deborah gives the audience what they want to hear, a great voice with the passion and soul to make any song memorable.

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